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Mirror installations And Replacemet

Mirror installations And Replacemet

Mirrors play a significant role in everyone’s life. From the small bathroom vanity mirrors to the large mirror walls used in office design and fitness gyms, they are found in virtually any space designed for modern living, working or entertainment. One of the main qualities that ensures their diverse use is the variety of sizes and shapes in which they are available. Economy Glass Co. West Inc. is a leader in producing high clarity mirrors for residential use as well as large-size mirrors for corporate use.

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Mirrors can be found in nearly every type of construction project – from high school stairwells to sophisticated rooftop lounges, luxury homes to hospitals. Just as diverse as their sites of installation, glass handrail and guardrail systems can be installed in a wide range of sizes, designs, and materials to best suit the function they provide. In this article, we detail the various elements architects, designers, and glaziers take into account when selecting the right handrail and guardrail systems for the job. In the industry, the terms handrail and guardrail are often paired together, but they actually refer to two separate types of installations. “Handrail” describes the support installed in staircases, ramps, and walkways, while “guardrail” is built as a structural barrier on balconies, terraces, bridges, and other open edges where individuals could fall and injure themselves. While support and safety are their primary functions, both handrail and guardrail are often designed to add aesthetic value to a space.

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Mirrors are used in a variety of homes and businesses as a decorative element or purely for function. Custom mirrors can be made to fit any space, whether mounted flush to the wall, hung in a frame or on a vanity. Use mirrors to add depth to a hallway or small room, bring light into a dark area, or make a workout room or dance space more functional. Key benefits of custom mirrors include: Creates the illusion of space in tight areas Provides a reflective surface for vanities and workout spaces More cost effective than freestanding mirrors Can be mounted easily in any room Transforms tables and dressers into conversation pieces Take a look at some of our glass mirror installations we have done for previous customers. Contact us for any questions or request a quote on custom glass mirror installations.

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Because we specialize in customized glass pieces of all kinds, we can size and cut a mirror for almost any surface area, from a small table top to an entire wall. We can custom manufacture stand-alone and wall mirrors in any shape and size, with or without a frame, and with a beveled or straight edge. We can also accent furniture with mirrored panels cut for wardrobe doors, vanity tops, side tables, and more. We can even install a mirror along entire walls in residential and commercial spaces, such as gyms, studios, bars, bathrooms, and entryways. In addition to making custom-designed mirrors, we also perform expert custom installations. We will help you achieve a flawless new look in your residential or commercial space with an accurate, seamless installation that does absolutely no damage to the surrounding areas on your walls or furniture. Our installers have an average of 20 years of industry experience, and they perform fast installations without cutting corners. Most installations take just one day

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Mirrors are a functional and stylish way to decorate any home or business. They help increase light reflection and depth perception, making rooms appear lighter and larger, and they can add a touch of class to a plain wall or piece of furniture. As part of our comprehensive glass services, we sell, install, repair, and replace mirrors throughout DMV Area at very competitive prices. Our inventory includes a full range of shapes, sizes, and styles, and we can customize mirrors for nearly any space or purpose.