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Shower Doors installations

Shower Doors installations

Established in 2009, DMV Area Glass Repairs began as a small family-owned glass shop which repaired windows and installed mirrors in the local Hollywood community. Over the course of almost nine decades, we have expanded our range of services to include custom commercial and residential installations, television and film production glazing, as well as apartment and commercial building maintenance. Still family-owned and operated with three generations of experience behind us It is this dedication to exceptional service and accountability that has allowed our company to grow from its humble beginnings as a small, family-owned operation to the highly respected and nationally-recognized industry leader it is today. Our competitive advantage is our people. It is our dedicated and accountable team that has driven us to become the recognized experts we are today. Each and every one of us is personally invested in the success of our company and with your satisfaction with your project.

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Frameless Shower Doors – Made entirely of glass, they can easily make your bathroom look fresh and elegant. Its invisible appearance creates flowing space and a sweeping look that matches stylish bathroom designs, making the space seem much bigger and grander than it may be otherwise. Decorative tile designs and ornate lightings in the interior of the shower area are put on display as well. Durability is reliable because thicker glass is used for it to support the panels that do not have the structural edge of aluminum framing. This kind of shower doors is easier to clean and can be restored to looking like new, due to the trackless design.

Shower Doors Services

Shower door, doors and partitions provide beautiful, effective solutions for retaining balance and brightness within a space. When installed as the barrier separating interiors and exteriors, glass walls and doors merge the sanctuary and comfort of the indoors with the freshness, light, and beauty of nature. When used to separate interior spaces, these installations enhance dynamism and create areas of refuge without diminishing the brightness and clarity of their surroundings. DMV Area Glass Repairs’ expertise includes hinged glass doors, bi-fold systems, sliding doors, pocket doors, folding walls, fixed panels, floor-to-ceiling windows, glass cubicles, and more. With their beauty and clarity, these installations make a welcome addition to a wide range of residential and commercial environments, including retail spaces, offices, hotels and restaurants, corporate headquarters, healthcare and educational facilities, museums, art

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Shower Doors Repair Services

Whether your building requires interior or exterior doors, heavy-duty closers, security door systems with advanced locking hardware, fire/life safety equipment or manual closers, our team has the skill, knowledge, and expertise to handle any system. We are well-versed in building code regulations, including requirements for ADA compliance, as well as those unique to schools, healthcare facilities, sports arena, government buildings, and commercial settings. We have installed opening and closure systems of every size in a broad array of materials, including (but not limited to) metal, glass, and wood, with an extensive range of attractive, yet secure accessories and finishes. Our expert glaziers are also well-versed in the customizable applications that further protect and strengthen doors and entryways from heat, cold, noise, and other environmental concerns. We’re able to install doors, entryways, and hardware that has been designed and manufactured with insulated and reinforced materials without sacrificing simplicity or grace. We are here to oversee door and entryway projects from their initial concept through successful completion, and we work alongside architects and designers to execute their unique vision to our high standard of quality and efficiency.

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We have over 40 different framed and frameless shower door and enclosure models to choose from, each with a number of glass, trim, and hardware options. The sky's the limit when it comes to customization, and you can trust that your shower door or enclosure will be built exactly to your specifications. Additionally, we can supply shower doors, panels, hardware, and frames to glass companies and bathroom remodelers.